Loaves and Dishes: Educating the corn pet dog new tips

				                                Korean Corn Dogs are a treat you probably never heard of.

Korean Corn Dogs are a address you most likely under no circumstances listened to of.

Have you ever tried out a new foodstuff and long gone from leery to loving it like a drag racing star screaming down the keep track of? That’s exceptional in my e-book. I’m pretty much never ever leery of hoping a new meals and if I am, it is with good cause. Normally, I am a pretty excellent predictor of what I may like and what I could not.

This time, I was improper.

I don’t like corn canines. There. I claimed it. I do not like them at all. In my guide, sweet cornbread does not belong on a very hot canine and cornbread doesn’t get deep fried. So, for my tastebuds, it is awful all the way around, so to talk.

When my oldest daughter just lately prompt that we drive all the way to Durham just to get a Korean Corn Doggy for our “Mother Daughter Adventures in Take Out” podcast called “Dorks with Sporks” (located wherever you hear to podcasts — that’s a shameless plug, sorry), I attempted not to permit her see me roll my eyes. Afterall, she performs really hard to come across interesting spots with good food. But I felt like I was remaining punked.

She loves corn puppies. In simple fact, that was a single of the only points she would eat as a kid. The list went something like: macaroni and cheese, pizza, sausage biscuits and corn dogs, the 4 main foodstuff teams. So, driving an hour and a half in targeted traffic as thick as my thighs to consume a corn dog does not sound like some thing I want to do with my Saturday. But I did it.

To my overwhelming shock, the Korean Corn Doggy haven (Mat-Jib Sushi and Incredibly hot Pet dog … what a name) was within the extremely awesome Asian Grocery keep called“H Mart.” I’m certain I’ve presently bragged about the Super G in Greensboro in this column (Super G is gigantic and has every little thing you can consider in there), but the H Mart is like the Bergdorf Goodmans of Asian grocery retailers. It is really contemporary, clear, structured and just lately remodeled. The fruit and veggie portion is actually gorgeous. If you really like seafood, this is most likely the place for you the seafood area is fish for miles. Do you bear in mind again when fancy division merchants experienced an incredibly substantial-conclude bakery inside? H-Mart has something related. It is astounding. The aisles of seasonings and sauces are merely the ideal. I just have to remark that the patrons are also silent, polite, sort and frequently dressed properly. You won’t see any one in their PJ pants and slippers.

But what about the corn dogs? What is a Korean Corn Canine anyway? A Korean Corn Dog is a newish flavor sensation (in the U.S. anyway) where a uncomplicated incredibly hot canine and cheese on a adhere is coated in a very crunchy basic batter and then fried and sprinkled with a little sugar (the sugar is essential). It is tasty. My step-daughter, who is fifty percent Korean and who has been to Korea not long ago, reported that it tastes like anything you would discover in a Korean road stand market.

Though this appears like a excursion off into the weeds, I promise, it isn’t. Whenever I check out some thing at a restaurant and I go wild about it, I can not help but appear residence and figure out how to make it. I have done this with Chick-fil-A sauces, Center Eastern Pumpkin Soup, Tiger Sauce and lots of a lot more. You can find all of these on my site.

It is enjoyable being a mad scientist in the kitchen. Including ingredients, taking notes, tasting, including a little something distinct until eventually identifying the great recipe.

At any price, I did ultimately figure out Korean Corn Canines and I am sharing the recipe with you so that you don’t have to drive all the way to Durham, though, I’m heading to say, traveling to the H Mart is this sort of an awesome working experience that it is entirely worth it and I program to go back again quickly.

What a pleasure to freely expertise the United States and its quite a few cultures and variety sharing the matters that are great about each individual thus enriching everyone’s lived encounter. (I do understand how sappy that seems, but I signify it and imagine it.) Anyway, I hope you will give a Korean Corn Dog a go. You won’t be sorry, I guess you’ll be stunned, just like me.

Korean Corn Canine

4 oz. mozzarella cheese total extra fat, low dampness

4 entire incredibly hot canines

4 cups peanut oil (see notes)

1 cup milk

2 cups Bisquick

2 cups panko bread crumbs

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. salt

1 Tbs. sugar

Placing up the Korean Corn Doggy Practical experience

At least 1 hour just before you prepare to cook dinner, reduce the incredibly hot puppies in 50 % and push each 50 % on to a disposable chopstick. Press the very hot doggy down so that an equal duration of adhere is poking out the top rated.

Slice a piece of the cheese to about the same measurement as the sizzling doggy and string it on to the top rated part of the chopstick. Position these into the fridge, lined with plastic wrap until finally prepared to prepare dinner (up to 24 hrs forward). The point is that the hot dogs and cheese ought to be pretty chilly right before implementing the batter and frying.

When prepared to begin cooking

Increase 4 cups of peanut oil (see notes segment) to a significant frying pan (use cast iron if you can) and established on medium higher. Allow to heat while making ready the batter and coating. Keep a near eye on it and adjust the temperature down if it will get also very hot. It’s crucial to have a thermometer or you operate the possibility of burning your canines or having the oil far too amazing and the batter sliding off.

For the batter

Mix collectively the milk and the bisquick with a whisk till sleek. Let to sit right up until prepared to batter and coat the puppies but don’t permit them to arrive to space temp. You want the batter chilly. Never batter the dogs ahead of time, the batter and coating requirements to go on just prior to they go in the pan. Pour the batter into a tall cylinder. Let sufficient room at the prime so that the batter does not spill more than the top.

For the coating

Combine the panko, salt and garlic powder jointly in a pan that is large enough to maintain the full size of the corn pet dog and adhere (anything like a 8×8 pan or more substantial).

To fry the corn puppy

As soon as the oil is at 370-380, speedily coat the overall very hot pet/cheese down to the stick and make it possible for the excessive to drip off the stop and again into the glass. Promptly move to the panko bread crumbs and roll them into the crumbs. Use your fingers to coat the panko onto the warm canine and push into the batter.

Area into the sizzling oil. Repeat with another corn pet dog. Do not try to fry a lot more than two at a time or you will cool the oil off too considerably to fry the corn pet dogs. Rapidly set a timer for 2 minutes. Immediately after 30 seconds, applying tongs, flip the corn pet above and allow for it to prepare dinner on the other side for the remainder of the two minutes. Eliminate to a paper towel lined plate and repeat till all 8 corn canines are carried out. You can set the plate in a warmed oven to enable retain it crispy right up until you have fried all of the corn canine. When the corn puppy arrives out of the oil, using just a pinch, give the corn dog a pretty light sprinkle of sugar.


Use a weighty adhere for your corn pet dogs. They are weighty when they are well prepared and a smaller thin stick (like a kabob adhere) might be also flimsy. Toothpicks will not function. I use disposable chopsticks.

Do NOT use cheese sticks. Alternatively, order the variety of cheese observed in the recipe and slice into a block the dimensions of a incredibly hot pet. This will maintain the cheese from becoming all melty and oozing out of the coating.

Whisk the batter perfectly just before implementing to the corn dog. You will require a tall container a tall consuming glass will do. Set the glass in a saucer so that when you dunk the sizzling pet dog, any added batter won’t spill all over the counter.

When you implement the breadcrumbs, you’ll require to roll the corn pet in it but also pack them on with your fingers to get the greatest protection.

You are going to need to use about 4 cups of oil (peanut oil works best and preferences good). You can reuse the oil if you pressure it effectively soon after it cools and save it for future time. You can use any greater smoke point oil. Vegetable oil will operate wonderful. I use peanut oil mainly because it has a great flavor for points like this.

Allow the canine fry for about 30-45 seconds on side a person and then flip for the rest of the fry. Use tongs to flip them.

Sprinkle sugar on evenly just immediately after removing the corn pet from the pan.

Hold the done corn canine in the oven set on the least expensive temp till prepared to serve. This will maintain the exterior crispy and heat.

These are historically served with ketchup and mustard as a sauce, but you could quickly develop your horizons with a various handmade sauce, examine out the sauces at LoavesandDishes.web for some strategies.

Wendi Spraker is CEO, Food Writer, Recipe Developer and Dish Washer at Loaves and Dishes and a single of the Dorks with Sporks duo, a mom-daughter adventure in get-out podcast.

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