Memphis Juneteenth Competition at Health and fitness Sciences Park: Federal holiday break

At 10 a.m., when the earliest Juneteenth festival goers were acquiring ready for a limited wander and operate, Vincent Jamerson was readying his charcoal smoker. One of the initial suppliers to see in the vicinity of the corner of Union Avenue and S. Dunlap Street, Jamerson, 58, has produced a no-frills ritual of grilling, a earlier time begun when he was younger and starting fires for his mom’s smoker in North Memphis. 

Beneath the business title “Lick the Bone,” Jamerson life in Cordova and can typically be identified selling “what ever folks like” — ribs, rooster, shoulder, smoked sausages — along Germantown Parkway and will be at the Southern Heritage Common in September. 

Vincent Jamerson smokes meat during the Juneteenth celebration at Health Sciences Park, Saturday, June 19, 2021, in Memphis, TN.

As the odor of barbecue wafted from Jamerson’s established-up, so did tunes of his beloved musicians, amid them Sam Cooke and Bobby “Blue” Bland. It was Jamerson’s initially time grilling at a Juneteenth competition, as it was the first time for Memphis’ Juneteenth competition to consider place in the Health and fitness Sciences Park. The Juneteenth Urban New music Competition has traditionally been held at Robert R. Church Park downtown, and at Douglass Park just before that.

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