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It is a prevalent indicating that dollars is not everything. Reggae legend Bob Marley gave that piece of wisdom its supreme expression. According to a pal, who witnessed the exchange, a European journalist as soon as questioned Marley about his prosperity. “Some folks are so poor all they have is funds,” the rastaman responded, most very likely with his attribute quizzical stare. “You imagine having money will make you rich?”

Another tunes legend, soul guy Sam Cooke, took the situation from the realm of philosophy to that of experience. We may well keep in mind him far more for “Cupid,” his perennial ode to Valentine’s. Just as soulfully lovelorn is his mid-1960s mega-strike “Another Saturday Evening.”

In it, Cooke bemoaned: “Another Saturday night time and I ain’t received no one I acquired some cash ‘causei just bought paid

How I want I had another person to converse to I’m in an awful way.”

Even the richest individuals have possibly experienced times like Cooke’s, when they would like they can communicate to their funds. But then who amongst the weak would not want to trade areas. Money could not be almost everything, but it surely permits a lifestyle of product consolation. The wealthy dwell in more healthy environments, they try to eat what they want when they want it, they jet to overseas lands to deal with a headache and to holiday vacation resorts to avert it in the 1st position. Any wonder the human race is so fiercely engaged in a rat race.

The consolation that funds brings also tends to ensure for a longer time life. The weak tend to die younger and the rich stay a good deal for a longer time. Accordingly, lifetime expectancy — the average age of people who die — is so significantly better in wealthier nations. According to Worldometers, the top nations around the world (Hong Kong, Japan, Macao and Switzerland) are all loaded and their existence expectancies are in the mid 80s.

In distinction, the base international locations (Gabon, Chad, Afghanistan, Guinea Bissau, and Chad) are all poor, and their lifetime expectancy barely crack 50. In accordance to Statistica.com Nigeria’s life expectancy as of February 2021 is about 61 many years. But Microtrends.net places the figure at about 55, which is nearer to earlier estimates.

Still, the correlation in between affluence and longevity does not normally keep. And that sales opportunities us back again to the Marley and Cooke insight. It has been an age-aged and close to common actuality that females outlive males. According to a new review for the US Nationwide Important Statistics Technique, that gap grew in 2020. Nevertheless, in most societies, which include America’s, men delight in considerably far more earning ability than girls. Guys dominate company boardrooms as well as the chambers of political leadership.

And then there is curious case of US Hispanics obtaining a higher life expectancy than the US normal. The authors of the NVSS study take note that Hispanics have maintained the gain given that 2006 “despite dealing with typically decrease socioeconomic status.”

The Hispanic inhabitants contains a big number of unlawful immigrants who eke out a dwelling by carrying out the most menial work. In addition, they typically stay in regular fear of being arrested and deported. So, they have a tendency to prevent reporting crimes against them and even likely to the clinic. But they are living lengthier.

What has been termed the Hispanic paradox has been attributed to several factors. Some students stage to a statistical quirk: Hispanics who immigrate will have to be the healthiest ones and these who get sick following immigrating are extra probable to return household.  Other scholars position to practices this sort of as fewer smoking and to cultural values, these as communal bond and private communications.

Along the similar traces, nevertheless blacks in standard have the least expensive lifestyle expectancy of the ethnic groups, black girls ordinary greater than white males. Yet white men are the embodiment of Wall Road, the manufacturing unit of revenue. A thing has to be likely on that income can’t obtain.

“With black women being disproportionately obese, overworked, forgotten and underpaid, you’d believe they would be on the verge of extinction,” wrote Washington Article columnist Courtland Milloy in December 2016. That was a 12 months when the general US lifestyle expectancy declined, except for that of black gals.

“How the black female managed to escape this sort of a common decline in existence expectancy borders on the miraculous,” Milloy wrote. “Not only did they maintain on to an regular lifestyle span of 78 years, other latest research show that black women of all ages are also the most optimistic.” And therein lies a priceless aspect of longevity. Not to discuss of sistahood.

It is Marley’s point then that to have income devoid of the intangible tonics of daily life is to be in the depth of poverty.

 Tragedy in paradise

If you are from island city as I am, you cannot go to South Florida and not drop in enjoy with it. Miami, Boca Raton, Florida Keys. These are all enchanting sites, America’s ode to the tropics. The seashores that extend to infinity, the seagulls that swoop all about, the purple roofs that sign a departure from America’s inside, even the muggy air from the salty sea waters. They all blend to make the region a tourist haven.

And individuals who tumble deeply in adore with the place just don’t leave. They come across residence in the beachfront large-increase structures from which they often savour the magnificence of the sea. Just one of the communities there is fittingly identified as Surfside. And which is locale of an unbelievable tragedy, the partial collapse of one of the structures. As of Wednesday afternoon, 16 bodies have been pulled from the rubble and 147 are even now unaccounted for.

The collapse of properties is, of training course, regime information in Nigeria since of shoddy constructions and lose enforcement of creating codes. But in the US, neither is the circumstance. And which is why the collapse of the creating has baffled gurus.

Folks have compared it with “September 11,” the destruction of Manhattan’s Twin Towers by Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda. And when I very first saw the televised illustrations or photos from Surfside, I couldn’t but assume of terrorism.  Even so, it seemed much more like the bombing of the federal making in Oklahoma City in April 1995 by a rightwing terrorist by the name of Timothy McVeigh.

In any situation, it is no consolation that the primary “suspect” in the collapse of the Surfside developing is lousy upkeep. According to studies, a building engineer recently warned that the developing was in deteriorating situation. But no person believed it meant imminent collapse. It has turned out to be a grievous misjudgment for which lots of men and women have paid out with their life. Definitely, several additional will be obtaining trepidation about the structures that as soon as gave them an uninterrupted check out of paradise.

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