That sage increasing in your garden? Mouth watering

Sage is 1 of the important flavors in Thanksgiving turkey stuffing, but which is probably a single of the couple situations we observe the herb in a dish. On our day-to-day walks/bicycle rides all around Oak Park, however, we see it all over the place the new rains have served sage expand abundantly. Sage was sprouting in our Oak Park backyard garden for decades in advance of I started cooking with it, and I experience I should now make up for time misplaced.

A typical recipe for new sage is a traditional Italian pasta dish that makes use of the herb, accompanied by butter and Parmigiano cheese. Which is it. So straightforward and so excellent. A member of the mint loved ones, sage presents a to some degree piney tingle, and a citrus-like organic freshness, with just a contact of earthiness — flavors that are well balanced wonderfully by the richness of the butter and cheese.

Not all sage ought to be eaten. The complex expression for the edible sage we have expanding in our garden is salvia officinalis. You must google a photograph of that plant if you want to verify that the sage increasing in your backyard garden is, indeed, Alright to eat.

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