Vegan Red Pozole Spiked with Citrus Olive Oil

For numerous many years our “property pozole” was a brilliant, vegetarian environmentally friendly pozole (pozole verde). It really is a pozole manufactured with serrano and poblano chiles, 1 that seriously goes for it on the cilantro and garlic fronts. It was my go-to pozole, I incorporated the recipe in Near & Considerably and I would make it generally in the summer months when tomatillos are in year. Pozole, a Mexican hominy stew, is commonly created with meat, but doesn’t have to be.

I’ve had a range of amazing vegetarian and vegan versions of pozole including the model I liked to buy at Gracias Madre in San Francisco. There is a substantially loved vegan pozole served at Alta Baja Market place in Santa Ana, but it has eluded me so considerably. You have to go on the previous Sunday of just about every thirty day period (right before they run out) and I maintain out hope for my following take a look at.
 A Vegan Pozole topped with Homemade Tortilla Strips, Avocado, Cabbage and Toasted Pepitas
The recipe I’m heading to to share currently is truly a red pozole. It is really a switch from the inexperienced pozole (pozole verde) we’ve manufactured for so extensive, but it is how I at the moment like to make pozole for myself, at residence. A variety of you have questioned for the recipe, so right here we go, with a little bit of back again story. 

Wayne and I took a (quite windy) road trip previously this calendar year, by the Southwest of the United States — from Los Angeles, California to Santa Fe, New Mexico. At the Santa Fe Farmers’ Current market I purchased a few lbs . of gorgeous, dried crimson posole. Together with that I scored some dried chipotle, cascabel chiles and fragrant Mexican oregano. In brief, this haul prompted a change from eco-friendly to pink when I returned house. 
A Cazuela of Pozole on a Table with a Range of Toppings

Pozole / Posole / Prepared Hominy

If you’re new to pozole-making you might be perplexed. Pozole (Posole) is the identify of the stew, but *also* the most important, defining component in that stew – nixtamalized maize or industry corn. My comprehending is the a lot more conventional Mexican spelling is pozole, but you are probable to see posole in the context of the Southwest. To add to the confusion you also see it called out as hominy. Component lists (for pozole) frequently get in touch with for hominy, dried hominy, well prepared hominy, and/or canned hominy. To be successful below, you need to make certain you’re employing nixtamalized corn / posole / hominy. I insert one-way links to favored sources for dried (ready & nixtamalized) posole down beneath as perfectly as a lot more backlinks really worth reading through and checking out for a further dive.

Why is There Citrus in Your Pozole?

I suppose the most strange component of this pozole recipe, aside from it getting veg., is the superior-volume introduction of quite a few citrus accents. The first time I switched our “house” green pozole to an early variation of this purple one I felt like it required some elevate. It needed some sort of vibrant punctuation in taste to counter the earthiness of the chile broth and starch of the pozole (hominy). I started off reaching for nearby substances in my kitchen and back garden. 

It turns out incorporating a foundational citrus part or two was a sport changer (over and above a squeeze of lime or lemon as a topping). Now I just cannot picture building veg. pink pozole with no it. A fatty drizzle of tangerine or lemon olive oil snaps every little thing into position. I also adore to select a few leaves off my makrut lime tree, sliver-slice whisper slender and add them to the pot in the closing number of minutes of simmering. I have used lemon zest as well on occasion. And *then* I really like to provide bowls with wedges of lemon, lime or orange. Reward details if they’ve been seared on a comal or grill, or in a pan.

A Close-up of a bowl of Vegan Pozole with toppings including Tortilla Chips, Avocado and Cilantro

Canned vs. Dried Pozole (Hominy)

I in no way use canned hominy in my pozole (posole), I just really do not. By cooking dried pozole (hominy) you get attractive blossoms of corn kernels in addition a flavorful corn broth. You can carry that full-bodied broth above to your pot of pozole afterwards in the approach. My advice is to cook dinner from dried and set up a good foundation from the start out.

How To Make Pozole Video clip

This is a quick minimal slideshow style online video so you can see how it all comes jointly.


Where to Obtain Dried Pozole (Posole)

Immediately after cooking through the red posole from Santa Fe I have been purchasing a wonderful organic and natural crimson posole via Southwest Heritage Mill. And my go-to white corn posole has extended been from Rancho Gordo.

Purple Feathers Purple Corn Posole

All set-To-Cook dinner Hominy / White Corn Posole

Pozole Toppings //

A person of the points to enjoy about a massive, celebratory pot of pozole is the way every person is able to personalize a bowl. The recipe I’m which include down below (pre-toppings) is the natural way vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. This is aspect of what makes it these a fantastic food to put together for a group. It accommodates a array of nutritional preference with no included lift for the cook. Here’s a record of favorite toppings:

  • Selfmade Tortilla Strips: This is a topping value going the more mile. To make homemade tortilla strips (see photograph), slice corn tortillas thinly with a sharp knife. Fry in 1/2-inch of oil *in batches* ahead of transferring to paper towels. Sprinkle with a bit of salt. Repeat with remaining tortilla strips.
  • A Little bit of One thing Creamy: I like a small some thing creamy to best issues off and ordinarily achieve for whichever is on hand. To retain things vegan, get a most loved crumbly vegan cheese (there are a quantity of nut based ones). Or, if dairy is in your wheelhouse – creme fraiche, sour product, feta cubes, crumbled cotija or goat cheese all do the task.
  • Citrus wedges: Limes, lemons, oranges – and as I stated up above, if you have a grill likely, grilled citrus wedges are fantastic.
  • Shredded Cabbage: There’s previously a good volume of cabbage in my pozole base, but a small excess as a topping is often welcome.
  • Avocado: A have to. The creaminess of a ripe avocado contrasting with the tortilla strips is A-additionally.
  • Thinly Sliced Radishes
  • Toasted Pepitas
  • Fresh new Cilantro
  • Much more Citrus Olive Oil (for drizzling)

A bowl of Vegan Pozole topped with Homemade Tortilla Strips, Avocado, Cabbage and Toasted Pepitas

Make-Ahead Pozole

There is one thing exclusive about the ritual of planning pozole from commence to end in a person go. It calls for endurance, setting up, and some supervision about stretches of time. That claimed, there are lots of instances when I require to split up the approach and put together components forward of time. This makes it possible for a huge pot of restorative pozole to appear collectively in a rather small period of time. I’ll do this if we’re driving from L.A. to see relatives in Northern California. The components start off to thaw in the cooler on the push up, and then just a couple of measures are needed to end things up at the conclude of a long drive working day. Absolutely everyone can help prep the toppings. The stages look anything like this:

  • Prep the Posole: Soak and cook the dried posole. Drain, conserving the broth. Neat and freeze the kernels & broth separately until ready to use.
  • Make the Chile-Tomato Concentrate: Make the chile, onion, tomato, cilantro part, pulse with a hand blender, and freeze until finally all set to use.
  • Complete the Pozole: A number of hrs in advance of you are all set to cook, thaw the elements and carry on with the recipe and toppings.

Additional Readings on Pozole 


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